Energy adventures. a dynamic collaboration between Tesla Energy Drink and Garni Adventure Park

Garni Adventure Park celebrated its 1 year anniversary on April 11 and Tesla Energy Drink was at the heart of the celebration, adding extra spark and energy to the day's event. From daring motorcycle rides and races to various games, Tesla Energy Drink was there for everyone.

Tesla Energy Drink had its own corner where various cocktails were served: Schumacher Vibe, Energy Elixir, 4W Mojito and others. The temperature was rising, the excitement was building, and guests could cool off and recharge with Tesla Energy Drink's tantalizing cocktails. From classic cocktails to innovative cocktails, every sip was a burst of flavor and energy that delivered a big dose of adrenaline.

To complete the entertainment of the guests, the "Dardz" game was organized, accompanied by many prizes and gifts.

We hope that Tesla Energy Drink's partnership with Garni Adventure Park will continue to develop, bringing even more excitement and memorable experiences to extreme enthusiasts.