Our Vacancies

"Union" LLC is hiring merchandisers to fill the marketing team.


1. Carry out merchandising and constant control of outlets

2. Conduct sales rounds to ensure proper product presentation and arrangement

3. To establish business relations with employees of the sales department

4. Monitor the cleanliness and arrangement of the company's shelves and refrigerators, as well as the full availability of our products in them

5. Monitor the accuracy and availability of price tags

6. Track product expiration dates at outlets

7. If necessary, perform advertising poster posting works

8. Perform market monitoring and analysis

9. Compile reports and submit to the supervisor.


1. Higher education

2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

3. Availability of driver's license and own car

4. Work experience required



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1 Monitoring the performance of the bottling line

2 Control the correct use of materials required for production (labels, bottles, excise tax, caps)

3 Troubleshooting



1 Secondary vocational or higher technical education

2 Interest in the operation of the bottling line

3 High sense of responsibility and discipline

4 Ability and flexibility to work in overburdened circumstances

5 Teamwork skills

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1 Ensure the cleanliness of the area

2 Perform other duties related to the job


1 Responsible

2 Conscientious

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1 Visiting stores to present the Company's products and collect orders

2 Ensuring sufficient quantities of required products at points of sale

3 Regular visits to shops, solving existing problems

4 Attraction of new clients

5 Debt collection


1 Basic knowledge of sales and marketing

2 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

3 Presentation skills

4 Ability to manage and organize time

5 Ability to effectively solve problems

6 Possession of driver's license and own car

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