Saint Sargis

In Armenia, it is customary to celebrate the feast of St. Sargis Zoravar not only with church rituals and prayers, but also with folk customs. General S. Sargis is the quick intercessor of young people. Through his mediation, miracles happen. St. Sargis is a Saint who fulfills dreams of love. There are many traditions about S.Sargs, one of which is the most famous one about Ashugh Gharib and his lover.

One of the most popular legends about Saint Sargs is how he helped Ashug Gharib. Poor Gharib could not marry the girl he loved because the girl's father was against their marriage. At that time, the musician went to work, having agreed with his beloved that the latter would wait for him for exactly seven years.Seven years later, Gharib became rich and returned home.

But there are trials and hurdles along the way. It seems that happiness is lost forever, the girl he loves belongs to someone else, and nothing can help the lovers.But when Gharib prays to Sargis with all his heart, he appears in a snow storm on a snow-white horse, puts Gharib on a horse and in an instant takes him to his beloved. The miracle performed by the saint melts the hardened heart of the girl's father, and the lovers get married.

According to an old folk tradition, before the feast of St. Sargs young people eat salty biscuits, after which it is forbidden to eat or drink anything. That night they dream of their future husband or wife. 

It is just  a beautiful tradition, don't look for a water carrier, drink "Hay Cola" and enjoy the moment.